„I know that one! … wait! … I'm so close!“

„James Bond? … or … Mission Impossible?“
„Dallas? … or was it … Denver?“
„Jaws? … no! Wait … Psycho?“

Do you remember?
Guess and live through your most favourite, personal movie moments.

A charming quizmaster and the three musicians of the „Grand Kennen Sie Kino – Film Orchestra“ take you on a journey to the best movie and TV soundtracks ever - 70 years of Hollywood and 60 years of TV history.

A thrilling and entertaining evening is guaranteed:

  • excellent live music
  • interactive quiz show
  • different quiz levels
  • compete as a team or by yourself
  • amusing background information on movies and film stars

Enjoy highlights of movie soundtracks, switch on your imagination, get to know your quiz team and be prepared to laugh, to cry, to get the creeps and to feast on nice memories.

Kennen Sie Kino? The Movie Soundtrack Quiz
The beginning of a beautiful friendship!